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Women No Longer Cry': Shakira's powerful message and goodbye to Gerard Piqué on her latest album

25. March 2024
Shakira (foto: Uradni FB/TW/IG profil igralca)
After a seven-year hiatus, global pop sensation Shakira is back with a groundbreaking new album titled 'Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran' ('Women No Longer Cry'), marking a poignant chapter in her illustrious career.

Among the tracks, a deeply personal song dedicated to her former partner, Spanish football star Gerard Piqué, stands out, signaling a final farewell to their 12-year relationship.   

In the midst of her latest musical journey, Shakira has ventured into an intimate territory, weaving her heartache and resilience into the fabric of her songs. The album's standout track, 'Ultima,' is a direct message to Piqué, featuring lyrics that resonate with the pain and reflection of a love lost. "With time you will surely regret and one day you will want to return to my door," she sings, encapsulating a blend of sorrow and strength.   

In a revealing interview with the Sunday Times, Shakira shared insights into her creative process and the emotional toll of her split from Piqué, who faced allegations of infidelity in 2022. "I felt there was something there, stuck in my throat, and that I had to get it out... but I hope this is the last song I write about it, and for him," she disclosed, hinting at a cathartic release through her music.   

The Colombian superstar has not shied away from expressing her disillusionment in previous tracks that touched on her breakup, with songs like 'Monotonía,' 'Te Felicito,' 'Music Sessions vol.53,' and 'TQG' all achieving hit status. Shakira's new album, however, represents a turning point, a reclamation of self after years of personal and professional sacrifices for Piqué's football career.   

"Music was the glue that held me together," Shakira remarked, reflecting on the transformative power of her art in the aftermath of her personal turmoil. The singer's journey through pain to empowerment is encapsulated in her Instagram post: "Writing each song, I rebuilt myself. Singing them, my tears turned into diamonds, and my vulnerability into strength."   

With 'Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran,' Shakira not only navigates the aftermath of her relationship with Piqué but also delivers a broader message of empowerment and resilience that is sure to resonate with audiences worldwide.
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