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Turin stunned: Udinese defeats Juventus in Serie A showdown

13. February 2024
(foto: Uradni Twitter profil kluba/zveze)
In a surprising turn of events, Udinese pulled off a remarkable victory against Juventus in Turin, defying expectations and leaving fans in awe.

Despite missing key player Dušan Vlahović, Juventus was favored to win, but Udinese had other plans.   

The only goal of the match came in the 25th minute from Lautaro Gianetti, sealing a memorable win for Udinese. This victory was particularly noteworthy as Udinese was without their injured player, Jaka Bijol. However, Slovenian international Sandi Lovrić started the match and played the entire game, marking his 22nd appearance in Serie A this season.   

Juventus' absence of Vlahović was felt throughout the game, but it was Udinese's determination and tactical play that ultimately led to their victory. The win is a testament to Udinese's resilience and ability to overcome the odds, especially in a challenging away game.   

Lazar Samardžić with a key role for the 0-1. Laser-guided set piece delivery. Just look at the velocity & height of that ball. 🔥

Won't get the assist, but deserves credit.

Another aspect he'll add to our NT.
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