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The rise and shift of Stefan Mitrović: Analyzing the young talent's move to Verona

1. February 2024
Stefan Mitrović (foto: Uradni facebook profil kluba)
Once a promising talent at Red Star Belgrade, Stefan Mitrović's move to Verona for €1.3 million raises questions about his swift departure and the missed opportunity for a more lucrative deal previously hinted by Barcelona.

Stefan Mitrović, the young forward from Red Star Belgrade, is set to continue his career with Italian club Verona, a move that secures Red Star a transfer fee of €1.3 million, a sum significantly lower than the €5 million Barcelona reportedly offered a year ago. This raises questions about the valuation and career trajectory of one of Serbia's most promising talents.

Mitrović's rise was meteoric, impressing Dejan Stanković during his time at Radnički and showcasing his prowess in a memorable match against Partizan. His transition to Red Star in the summer of 2022 for €500,000 was marked by high expectations and immediate interest from top clubs like Barcelona and Hertha Berlin.

However, the tide turned for Mitrović at Red Star. Despite a promising start under Barak Bakhar, with a new position as a left full-back and participation in the Champions League, his momentum stalled, leading to a decline in performance and difficulties adapting to the demands of modern football, particularly the two-way playing style.

Mitrović, originally from Kruševac and having started his football journey in Canada, faced a pivotal decision in his international career, ultimately choosing to represent Serbia over Canada after discussions with Milan Borjan.

The decision to transfer Mitrović to Verona reflects Red Star's strategic considerations amidst a competitive squad featuring players like Osman Bukari, Lučić, Katai, Mirko Ivanić, and Piter Olajinka. Despite the potential that Mitrović once showed, the club opted for a departure, prioritizing immediate gains over potential future returns.

In the dynamic world of football, the case of Stefan Mitrović serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between nurturing talent, market timing, and strategic club decisions, leaving fans and analysts pondering the what-ifs and the complexities of the sport's transfer market dynamics.

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