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The art of football: Comparing Diego Maradona’s magic with Lionel Messi’s mastery

12. April 2024
Lionel Messi (foto: Getty Images)
The argument of who is the greatest of all time in football never ends, with names like Pele, Cristiano Ronaldo, Diego Maradona, and Lionel Messi frequently mentioned.

The comparison between Argentine legends Maradona and Messi often sparks passionate discussions about their contrasting styles and impacts on the game. 

Diego Maradona is renowned for his charismatic and almost magical performances, often described as having danced with the ball at his feet. His flamboyant style, full of flair and improvisation, made him a symbol of creativity and unpredictability on the field. Highlighted by his 1986 World Cup victory, Maradona's career is remembered for moments of pure brilliance that defined his era.   


(foto: Getty Images) 

Lionel Messi, in contrast, is often seen as a precision-driven "machine." An eight-time Ballon d'Or winner, Messi's approach is highly technical, characterized by methodical and relentless pursuit of excellence. His combination of incredible dribbling skills and lethal finishing makes him one of the most effective players in football history.   

Former Argentine player Diego Valeri provides a perspective that transcends simple comparisons. He suggests that choosing between Maradona and Messi isn't about who is better, but about personal preference and what kind of football artistry one admires. "It's not about who is better, but who you like more. Maradona was a dancer with the ball, while Messi is a real machine," Valeri explains.   

This discourse highlights the generational differences and the evolution of football over decades. Messi, having led Argentina to World Cup glory in 2022, has matched Maradona's international achievements, yet his style reflects a modern era where precision and consistency dominate.   

The comparison between these two football giants remains a mix of nostalgic admiration for Maradona's era and awe at Messi's ongoing prowess. As the football world continues to evolve, discussions about these two icons only enrich the tapestry of the sport's history.
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