Sir Alex Ferguson's masterful prediction: How he knew Manchester United would crush Chelsea

17. February 2024
(foto: Getty Images)
In an extraordinary revelation, Steve Bruce, a former player under Sir Alex Ferguson, recalled a moment that solidified Ferguson's status as a managerial genius.

This moment occurred during the FA Cup final, where Ferguson accurately predicted the outcome of the match against Chelsea.   

Sir Alex Ferguson, renowned as one of the greatest managers in football history and the modern architect of Manchester United's success, has inspired many of his players to pursue coaching careers. Steve Bruce, one of these players, shared an intriguing anecdote about his former mentor.   

Bruce described Ferguson as a genius, citing a specific instance before the match against Chelsea. Ferguson had confidently stated throughout the week leading up to the game that Manchester United would score the first goal, causing Chelsea's manager, Glenn Hoddle, to lose his composure and enter the game as a player. Ferguson believed that Hoddle's entry would compromise Chelsea's defensive solidity, allowing United to dominate and score four or five goals.   

Remarkably, Ferguson's prediction came true. Manchester United took the lead in the second half, prompting Hoddle to join the game. As predicted, United seized control of the midfield, and by the 75th minute, they were leading 4-0. This masterful prediction by Ferguson left a lasting impression on Bruce, who realized the true extent of Ferguson's genius.   

Manchester United went on to win the FA Cup final with a resounding 4-0 victory, with goals from Cantona, Hughes, and McClair. This victory not only added another trophy to United's cabinet but also showcased Ferguson's unparalleled understanding of the game and his ability to foresee and influence the outcome of crucial matches.
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