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Royal AM vs. Lindelani Ladies match ends in chaos as players brawl on pitch

22. April 2024
(foto: Posnetek zaslona)
A women’s football match in South Africa was marred by a violent brawl involving players from Royal AM and Lindelani Ladies, requiring police to restore order. The South African Football Association will conduct disciplinary hearings for those involved.
This Monday brought shameful scenes from South Africa, where a football match between Royal AM and Lindelani Ladies escalated into a violent brawl that ended only with police intervention. The incident occurred during the game when a player from the visiting team, Lindelani Ladies, punched an opponent in the head, triggering a chaotic scene as players from both teams exchanged punches and kicks.

The South African Football Association has expressed its shock and disappointment at the violence, which undermines the integrity of women’s football in the country. "We are disappointed by the violence among the players. It was supposed to be a showcase match, but it has now questioned the integrity of our women's football. The players involved will be summoned to appear before the disciplinary committee," the association stated in a release.

Despite the disturbance, the match concluded with Royal AM winning 2-1. The images and videos of the brawl have gone viral, prompting widespread condemnation and calls for serious disciplinary actions to prevent such incidents in the future.
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