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Referee Wolfgang Stark supports VAR decision in Dortmund's Champions League game

21. February 2024
Nejc Kajtazović (foto:
In a recent Champions League match between PSV and Borussia Dortmund, a controversial penalty decision made by Serbian referee Srđan Jovanović, and validated by VAR official Nejc Kajtazović, has been confirmed as correct by a retired German referee, Wolfgang Stark.

The decision, which involved a challenge by Dortmund's Mats Hummels in the penalty area, has been a topic of debate. 

Hummels, who described the penalty as ludicrous, and his opinion was shared by football legend Matthias Sammer. However, Stark, who ended his refereeing career in 2017, has clarified that the decision was indeed correct.

"Hummels was first to the ball, touched it, but also went into a risky tackle. He hit the opponent and brought him down. Therefore, the decision for a penalty is correct. It's a complicated situation, not a matter for VAR. In my time, I was always generous, probably would not have called it," Stark stated.
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