Osijek to strengthen squad with Slovak forward Ladislav Almasi

31. January 2024
Ladislav Almasi (foto: //)
Osijek is set to sign Slovak international Ladislav Almasi from Banik Ostrava, a towering forward known for his recent assist against Croatia at Gradski vrt, signaling a strategic move in the transfer market.

Osijek seems to be accelerating its efforts as the transfer window draws to a close, with Slovak international and Banik Ostrava striker Ladislav Almasi (24) reportedly on the verge of joining the club, as indicated by Czech source

Insights suggest that Almasi is expected to arrive in Osijek by Friday. The Slovak forward, notable for his height at 196 cm, made a memorable contribution in the World Cup qualifiers, assisting the second goal for Slovakia in their 2-2 draw against Croatia at Gradski vrt.

Although his current season with Banik has not been particularly outstanding, recording only three goals in 18 matches, Osijek seems optimistic about his potential, viewing his recent performance as a temporary dip rather than a long-term issue.

With nine appearances for the Slovak national team and a market value of €700,000 according to Transfermarkt, Almasi's contract with Banik is set to expire in the summer of 2025.

Banik has announced that their forward is set to leave, citing an attractive offer, presumably from Osijek. It appears that coach Zoran Zekić is poised to gain a new offensive asset for the team.
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