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Mystical forces at play? Astrologer claims black magic behind Edinson Cavani's goal drought

22. February 2024
Edinson Cavan (foto: //)
Edinson Cavani, the celebrated Uruguayan striker, currently playing for Boca Juniors, has found himself in a peculiar situation.

As the anticipation builds for the Boca and River Plate derby, a match that captivates almost all of Argentina, Cavani's recent form, or lack thereof, has become a topic of unusual speculation.   

Despite his impressive track record with teams like Valencia, Manchester United, PSG, Napoli, Palermo, and Danubio, Cavani has not scored a goal in three matches in 2024. At 37, while he may be past his prime, his current form at Boca Juniors has raised concerns among fans and analysts alike.   

In a twist that blends sports with the supernatural, an astrologer has stepped into the limelight with a claim that Cavani's lack of goals is not due to his form or age but rather a result of black magic. According to this astrologer, who has gained attention in Argentine media, Cavani is "cursed."   

"The stars were in his favor; it's impossible that he wouldn't score," the astrologer stated, asserting that Cavani's inability to score is due to forces beyond the physical realm.   

While many are skeptical of such claims, the influence of the "invisible" spectrum in South American football cannot be entirely dismissed. The astrologer has called on Boca fans to lend their energy in an effort to help Cavani and the team. 

With the Boca and River Plate derby approaching, a match where the extraordinary often becomes possible, the focus on Cavani's performance is intensifying. His move to Boca Juniors last year was met with high expectations, but he has yet to make a significant impact.
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