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Mauro Icardi's wife, Wanda Nara, blends Argentina and Brazil in a bold music venture

4. February 2024
(foto: Uradni FB/TW/IG profil igralca)
Wanda Nara, the Argentine model and wife of Galatasaray striker Mauro Icardi, has once again captured the public's attention, this time by blending the seemingly incompatible worlds of football and music in her latest music video.

In a move that has sparked both admiration and controversy, Nara appears in the video donning the national football jerseys of both Argentina and Brazil. This bold fashion choice symbolizes a daring fusion of two fiercely rival nations in South American football, showcasing her flair for the dramatic and the unexpected.   

Nara, who has recently ventured into the music industry, showcases her vocal talents in this new release. The video, available on her YouTube channel, marks her second musical endeavor, further establishing her presence in the entertainment world beyond her well-known role as a footballer's spouse and a media personality.   

Known for her provocative style and captivating public persona, Wanda Nara continues to engage her fans and social media followers with diverse and unexpected projects. Her latest music video is no exception, offering a visual and auditory experience that blends her love for music with a nod to her roots in the football world.
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