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Ligue 1 outspends Premier League in shock winter transfer window

2. February 2024
Lyon (foto: uradna spletna stran kluba)
In a surprising twist to the winter transfer market, French Ligue 1 clubs emerged as the top spenders, overshadowing the usually dominant English Premier League and even their heavyweight, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

The winter transfer window, typically quieter than the summer, saw a total expenditure of €570 million by clubs from the top five European leagues. This figure is notably lower than the €850 million spent by the Premier League alone in the previous winter. However, the most striking aspect of this window was the spending pattern of French clubs, which traditionally lag behind their European counterparts.   

Ligue 1 clubs collectively spent €190 million, with PSG contributing €40 million for two young Brazilian players, Lucas Beraldo and Gabriel Moscardo. However, the standout spender was Lyon, which invested €50 million in players like Malick Fofana, Gift Orban, Nemanja Matić, and Orel Mangala. Other notable French club expenditures included Rennes spending €22 million on Azor Matusiwa and Alidu Seidu, and Marseille investing the same amount on Quentin Merlin, Faris Moumbagnaja, and Ulises Garcia. Nice and Strasbourg made significant purchases as well, highlighting the league's overall aggressive approach in the market.   

In contrast, Premier League clubs were relatively restrained, spending a total of €121 million. The most expensive transfer in England was Romanian defender Radu Dragusin's move from Genoa to Tottenham for €25 million.
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