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Innovative commentary at Copinha: Brazilian commentator's sound effects go viral

4. January 2024
Copinha (foto: //)
A Brazilian commentator at the Copinha, one of the world's largest and most prestigious youth football tournaments, has become an internet sensation for his inventive approach to match commentary.

The tournament, held in Sao Paulo, features youth teams from Brazil's top clubs and has been a launching pad for stars like Endrick, who is set to join Real Madrid next season. 

In a bid to find the next big talent like Endrick, this commentator has captured the audience's attention not just with his words but with his self-created sound effects. This novel approach, which is likely unprecedented in the history of sports commentary, has brought a fresh and humorous dimension to the tournament's broadcast. 

The commentator's creativity and enthusiasm have added an extra layer of entertainment to the matches, making the tournament even more engaging for viewers. His unique style has rapidly spread across the internet, showcasing the vibrant and innovative spirit of Brazilian football culture.
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