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Dušan Tadić and Edin Džeko set conditions for their continued stay at Fenerbahçe

22. April 2024
(foto: Uradni Twitter profil kluba/zveze)
Rumors suggest Dušan Tadić and Edin Džeko might leave Fenerbahçe if changes in the coaching staff do not occur, amidst critical upcoming matches in the Turkish Super Lig.
According to reports from Turkish media, Dušan Tadić and Edin Džeko are considering leaving Fenerbahçe if there are no changes in the coaching staff. This news emerges as Fenerbahçe prepares for a crucial match against Sivas in the 33rd round of the Super Lig.

The rumors, which may be true or could be misinformation possibly planted by rivals Galatasaray to disrupt the atmosphere within Fenerbahçe before the critical match, have stirred up significant attention. The dissatisfaction among the players reportedly came to a head following Fenerbahçe's exit from the Conference League last Thursday. Despite winning 1-0 and overcoming a deficit from the first leg against Olympiakos, Fenerbahçe was eliminated in the penalty shootout, missing out on a European trophy.

The Turkish media, notably Fotospor, has detailed alleged discussions within the team. Players were reportedly frustrated with the tactics employed by coach Ismail Kartal during the match. In response, veteran players and team leaders Tadić and Džeko reportedly requested a meeting with Fenerbahçe's president Ali Koç.

Initially, Koç was not overly upset about the elimination, but the meeting with the players left him more agitated. According to reports, Tadić and Džeko threatened to leave the club next summer if Kartal remains in charge. They are said to prefer a more experienced strategist at the helm, and Koç has supposedly suggested adding another assistant coach who could have a significant influence on Kartal and help reconcile the divided parties.

Fenerbahçe's focus must now return to the Super Lig, where they are engaged in a fierce title battle with Galatasaray. The match against Sivas this Monday is crucial for maintaining their challenge, with only a two-point gap separating them from the current champions. Given the timing and the nature of the reports, it is possible that these rumors are being used strategically to unsettle Fenerbahçe during this critical phase of the season.
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