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Dominik Livaković under fire: Turkish fans question his role after rrecent defeat

12. April 2024
Dominik Livaković (foto: Getty Images)
Turkish media and fans have launched a sharp critique against Dominik Livaković following his performance in a recent Conference League match.

Livaković conceded three goals as Olympiakos defeated Fenerbahçe 3-2 in front of their home crowd. Despite the close score, which keeps Fenerbahçe in contention for the second leg, Livaković, along with Slovenian Miha Zajc and Caglar Soyuncu, has become the main subject of criticism.   

Just weeks ago, Livaković was hailed as a hero by Fenerbahçe supporters, but now he finds himself at the forefront of their grievances. Fans and journalists alike have expressed their dismay, particularly about his ability to stop long-range shots.   

Journalist Emre Bol expressed his shock, questioning how Livaković is the first-choice goalkeeper for the Croatian national team. "Did we really pay 10 million euros for this? He lets in a goal whenever someone shoots from outside the box," a frustrated Fenerbahçe fan stated on social media, while another commented, "Livaković has let in too many incredible goals from distance. Every goal he concedes is quite suspicious."   

The dissatisfaction did not end there. Fans continued to voice their discontent, questioning the value Livaković adds to the team. "What good is he? If coach Kartal can't see that he's not bringing anything positive to our team, then maybe he's not right for the coach's position," another fan remarked.   

These are challenging times for Livaković, who has recently been targeted by hooligans during a match between Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor, and is now blamed for the club's poor results by both journalists and fans.
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