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Celtic fans stand with Palestine and send a message to Israelis: Stop genocide

18. February 2024
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Celtic fans expressed their support for Palestine and sent a strong anti-genocide message during their match against Kilmarnock.

They borrowed the lyrics from one of the greatest love songs of the islands, "Grace," and called on the stadium to sing along as the banner was raised, which they did.

"Think about the past few months, will they say we failed, over 30,000 dead of which more than 12,000 are children. Stop genocide, stop Zionism," read their banner.

The Green Brigade's banner came amid the situation with Celtic player Liel Abada, whom Israelis are convincing must leave the club due to their fans' support for the Palestinian people.

He was not in the match protocol against Kilmarnock, and he could continue his career in the MLS, where several clubs have shown interest in him.

"He's been to Israel before for some time, and if he wants to do that again, we would assess what the situation is. I think he just wants to be ready for football right now, and if there's a change, then we can help," said Celtic coach Brendan Rodgers before the match with the aforementioned opponent.


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