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Cardiff City files €120 million lawsuit against Nantes over Emiliano Sala tragedy

22. April 2024
Emiliano Sala (foto: uradna spletna stran kluba)
Cardiff City is seeking €120 million in damages from Nantes, holding them responsible for the arrangements of the flight that resulted in Emiliano Sala's death, which has led to significant financial and reputational losses for the Welsh club.
Five years after the tragic death of Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala, Cardiff City is pursuing a lawsuit against Nantes for compensation related to his death. Sala, who had just signed with the Welsh club after a successful season in France, tragically died in a plane crash over the English Channel in January 2019.

The aircraft that was transporting Sala disappeared from radar and later investigations suggested that the crash was potentially caused by the pilot's lack of training for non-instrument night flying, adverse weather conditions, and a possible fault in the ventilation system. However, these causes were never conclusively determined. It was revealed that the flight was initially scheduled during daylight but was delayed until after dark, leading to tragic circumstances.

Cardiff claims that Nantes was responsible for the arrangements of Sala’s flight and has thus filed a lawsuit in a Nantes court seeking compensation for loss of income and other damages resulting from the Argentine player's death. According to Cardiff's legal assessment, shared by lawyer Celine Jones with France Presse, the damages are estimated at €120.2 million. This figure updates an earlier estimate of €100 million. In a separate legal matter, FIFA previously mandated Cardiff to pay Nantes the remaining transfer fee of about €11 million.


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