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Barcelona tops jersey sales in 2023, surpassing Real Madrid and Bayern

20. February 2024
(foto: uradna spletna stran kluba)
UEFA's financial report for 2023 reveals the top football clubs earning the most from jersey sales, with Barcelona leading the pack.

Despite not having a megastar like Lionel Messi, Barcelona generated €178 million in 2023, followed closely by their arch-rival Real Madrid with €155 million. 

Barcelona continues to dominate jersey sales, earning significantly despite recent on-field struggles. Real Madrid, with €155 million, is not far behind. Bayern Munich, Liverpool, and Manchester United also crossed the €100 million mark, with revenues of €147 million, €132 million, and €130 million, respectively.   

Interestingly, Manchester City, despite their on-field success, did not make it to the top 10 in jersey sales. Paris Saint-Germain, soon to lose Kylian Mbappé to Real Madrid, earned €97 million, raising questions about future revenue impacts. Arsenal, Chelsea, and Tottenham, along with Juventus, complete the top 10, each earning substantial amounts from merchandise sales.   

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