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Almeria prodigy Marko Milovanović for Nogomania: "I believe I will play even more in the future, I played excellently against Real Madrid"

3. February 2024
Marko Milovanović (foto: Uradni Twitter profil kluba/zveze)
Marko Milovanović, Almería's young striker, discusses his crucial game against Real Madrid, the quality of La Liga, and his aspirations for the future, including potential national team involvement.

The promising footballer, who made a name for himself at Partizan and is remembered as one of the most talented players of that era, is now a first-team player at Almería in La Liga and recently faced one of the world's greatest clubs - Real Madrid. In an honest conversation with Nogomania.rs, he talked about the differences and quality of football in Spain, memories of the black-and-whites, and when he might play for Serbia's U21 national team.

You've been injured for a long time; how is the situation with your injury now?

"As for the injury, I have fully recovered and am currently in peak condition," began Milovanović for Nogomania.rs.

How satisfied are you with your current role in the club, and do you think you can progress further?

"Lately, I have been getting a lot of chances, both from the start and off the bench, and I think I have justified the trust of the coach and the club. I believe I will play even more in the future."

A few rounds ago, you played against Real Madrid. What was your overall impression of that match, and were you satisfied with your performance in that important game?

"That was definitely the most important match of my career, against the world's best team. I played excellently, as did my team, but in the end, in the opinion of many, we lost with the help of the referees, leaving a great sense of regret."

What suits you the most in La Liga, and what is your overall impression of Spain?

"Upon arriving in Spain, I noticed a serious difference in the quality of players compared to our league. Initially, it took me some time to adapt to the style of play and progress further, but now I already feel powerful and capable of playing at this level."

There's talk of a loan from Almería; what's your comment on that, and would you play in the second division of Spain?

"I received a lot of offers in this transfer window, but my stance and the club's policy are that I stay here and continue to make an impression on the coach."

Do you keep in touch with anyone from Partizan, and how much do you manage to follow the matches of your former club? Generally, what do you think of the work of coach Igor Duljaj?

"I have stayed in touch with a few players and constantly follow Partizan's matches. As for coach Duljaj, I think he's an example, both in football and as a person, and the younger players are lucky to have him as a coach. What he has achieved with the team so far is already a tremendous success given the current situation."

Do you expect a call-up for the U21 national team for the upcoming EURO qualification cycle?

"I believe in my quality and know my worth, but it's not up to me to decide. If there's a call-up, I'll gladly respond."

Which players from La Liga would you highlight as one of the best you've played with or against?

"As I said, the match against Real Madrid was the biggest game of my career so far. We all know how quality all their players are, but I would single out Vinicius and Bellingham, who particularly impressed me."

A few months ago, you became a father to a girl; how are you handling that role, and how much support does your family provide?

"I've always wanted to become a young dad, and that dream has come true. I have a wonderful wife with whom I have a beautiful daughter, and this only motivates me further to continue working and build the best career possible," concluded Milovanović for Nogomania.rs.

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